It takes a Village!

August 14, 2016

I know you busy Moms out there know the stress that comes with having kids. It's certainly not a bad thing, just a major responsibility! Our brains never stop (a "woman thing," whether you have kids or not), so even when it's time to turn out the lights and reboot your busy body with much needed rest, it's really difficult to stop the flooding thoughts. 


Will I have time to spend on fun activities, and be able to get all my daily household chores done tomorrow? Am I going to be connecting with my littles (or bigs!) as I am shuffling them around to get all my errands run? Who should I get to watch them, when I go to that event or meeting? Will they be taken care of properly, the way I try to do it with love and sensitivity? Are we going to be able to attend that school that would be such a gift, based on our interview, written essays, or financial situation? How can I get the perfect birthday party planned in time? 


Short term and long term, we are constantly thinking about how we can provide EVERYTHING for our kids. A clock telling us it's time to go to bed means nothing to a Mom, most nights! I can barely fall 
asleep hours after everyone else in my home has been snoozing away, and when I do finally quiet the thoughts in my head, I usually hear a teething toddler moaning or crying briefly in his sleep, or the sound of the nightstand getting kicked by big sister as she does acrobats in her sleep. 

So how can we possibly alleviate some of these normal stressors and get back to a truly restful night, that we know is so important to our health? I say it all the time...Organize & Style Your Life! What does that look like? As an Organization & Style Coach, I've learned that the details may be different for everyone I'm working with, but the overall needs and goals are very similar for Moms in particular.


We need backup! And, we need to put in some effort to get our Schedule structured in a way that works best for our whole family. There are a few words to keep in mind when doing this: Communication, Delegation, Prioritize, Compromise, Flexibility, Positivity!


I know, you thought I worked with "3s" but I totally gave you 6 words to think if you don't have enough on your mind! They all go hand-in-hand so don't let it stress you out. Instead, let it take some stress away.


Here come those 3E's I love so much: Essentials, Enhancements & Extras


#1 Essentials: It's essential to have great Communication and Delegation in order to feel supported in structuring an efficient Schedule. When you communicate with your family and let them know the thoughts you do have in those wee hours of the night (or all day long!) you can start taking that sole responsibility off yourself. You won't feel so alone and now everyone in your home (who are old enough to understand) can support you in accomplishing the steps to get to your goals. When you delegate some of these responsibilities to your spouse, babysitter, nanny, family members, kids, and the Almighty, you are getting the help you need to care for your kids, and getting all of your personal goals met. Yes, it takes a village, and for me that includes my husband, brother, sitters, kids, and my God! I do a lot of daily praying to reach my goals. I take comfort in knowing that He will be there to help, even when my peeps are busy! 

#2 Enhancements: You enhance those Essentials (make your communication and delegation better) when you Prioritize and Compromise. Now that you have effectively communicated with your peeps and have delegated some of the responsibilities that come with meeting goals and relieving some of that stress that keeps you up at night, it's time to decide what your priorities are and sometimes make compromises (and sacrifices) for the good of your family. Don't think of this as giving up on what you want or how you want it done. Think about prioritizing and compromising as a delightful challenge or fun puzzle to put together to accomplish MULTIPLE GOALS simultaneously! This is my favorite thing! I love being able to kill 2 (or 10) birds with one stone...sorry birds. When you prioritize all the big future things and small daily things on your To Do List, and now you have backup supporting you, the sky is the limit! Sometimes your plans don't jive with those who are helping you (your peeps, and the Almighty), but making those compromises so you are all getting the most out of your life is key in reaching those goals.

#3 Extras: Flexibility and Positivity are definitely extra skills you learn as a Mom (or wife, teacher, coworker, child of get the idea)! These skills will serve you well, my friend, because no matter how much work you put into your Schedule and your Kids, you will certainly hit some bumps in the road. That is when you MUST be flexible and keep that positive attitude, so your spirit is not crushed and you do not lose sight of your goals. The great news is that you have already achieved so much! You have effectively communicated with your peeps and your God all of the desires of your heart and goals you have for now and the future. You have the support you need when you chose to delegate some of your responsibilities. You took into consideration the schedules and lives of your peeps, when you prioritized and compromised to have the best overall outcome. (By the way, if you skipped this step, you may have some seriously unhappy peeps, who feel taken advantage of...yikes! Compromise already; their goals are important too!) So now that you are choosing to move forward with flexibility and positivity (some extras that some people forget to include...don't forget these!), you will continue to get one step closer to those goals. How exciting!

One of MY GOALS as a Coach is to help you navigate through life, by using these 3E's for clarity and guidance, eliminating added stress and making it work for your family. Let me be one of your peeps! I would love to be an encourager, supporting you and helping you Organize and Style your Life so you can get to the Desires of your Heart! 







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