Like "Mom," Like Daughter

May 8, 2016

I have been so blessed to have incredibly loving and supportive parents. I’m such a 50/50 split of the two of them in my personality, looks, approach to life, and certainly in the way that I love and parent my children. I couldn’t have asked for better teachers, encouragers, and supporters as parents!


Together they raised three kids imperfectly, with plenty of mistakes, and constant reminders that they never received a parenting guide when we were born. And you know what? They did a wonderful job, and we all turned out to be pretty decent adults!


Now that I’m a Mom, working and trying to care for children who are growing up so crazy fast, I realize how much effort and energy my Mom, in particular, spent on us. Some years of my childhood she was working full time and other years were spent staying at home with my younger brothers, while I was in school. I definitely feel like I got the most out of my time with my Mom in those early years of my life, and it’s truly shaped the person I am today.  

She taught me so many life lessons that I didn’t even realize I was “learning” at the time. She always kept a clean house. It was tidy and almost everything had a place. Of course, there were a couple of areas that needed some attention more than others, but for the most part, I was “taught” by her example to be responsible for my room, bathroom, doing my own laundry (which proved to be a skill I needed when I went away for college), caring for a pet, and cleaning up after myself in general. I was given chores, an allowance, and a time frame for each task to be completed. All the while, I was encouraged and received praise when it was done well, and help when it was not. 

I watched her every move in parenting, working, and maintaining relationships outside of our family as well. I know now, as a Mom myself, that if you don’t have your home organized, your schedule structured, and you leave no room in your life to enjoy the important and fun stuff, you set yourself up for failure at living your BEST LIFE!


Because we had a space that wasn’t cluttered and in total disarray, it eliminated added stress that we certainly didn’t need as children. That’s something that I want for my children now! I want them to have a home that is a stress free zone, allowing them to feel safe and comfortable. I want them to have the security of knowing that Dad and I are here to help, but they are ultimately responsible for keeping their space tidy and organized. I want our schedule of school, activities, and time spent with friends and family, to be structured in a way that eliminates stress and uncertainty.


Just as my Mom taught me how to organize and style these things in my life, for the benefit of my own sanity and my family’s, I want to show others how to do it too! My goal is to help you get control of your everyday To Do List and start enjoying the things that are most important to YOU!  


Thank you Mom and Dad for everything you taught me. A special thank you to you, Mom, on this Mother’s Day for being an awesome example of what it means to be a SUPERMOM! Thanks to you, I don’t feel like I’m failing miserably if I don’t parent perfectly and run the perfect home. My children are well cared for, my home is a safe and stress-free place, and there is no shortage of love and support at my house. You had a lot to do with that, and I will forever be grateful. Thanks for showing me how to Parent with Style! I love you, Mom.



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