3 Steps to Organize Your Life

March 30, 2016

As an elementary school teacher for more than a decade, I learned to give my students no more than three directions at a time. This gave them a greater chance of success in accomplishing the tasks at hand. For my students, three instructions seemed to give them just enough to consider, without totally overwhelming them in the process of completing a goal.


It turns out, with all of the responsibilities we have as adults and a never-ending To Do List, a job at home may not get done if there are more than three steps involved! We either start a project and don’t follow through to the end, fix it temporarily with the intention of doing it “correctly” later, or we don’t begin it at all. The latter is called “Paralysis by Analysis,” and it’s a totally frustrating feeling!

In doing my research to create this website and coaching business, I searched lots of tips on organizing, lists to follow for tidying, glorious Pinterest posts capturing all the millions of ways to style a room, and so much more. With every post, picture, and list I became more and more overwhelmed and it totally stressed me out! If I saw one more title like “101 things to Purge from your Home,” or “25 Steps to an Organized Space,” or another impeccably perfect photo that promises the world but leaves you pulling your hair out, I could have thrown my laptop out the window!


The truth is I could barely even get through the first 5 steps to find this organizational bliss they offered. It was all TOO MUCH and too Perfect…eww, that word again! Who has time for all of those steps, and instructions, and unobtainable fake photo promises? My time is VALUABLE, and so is yours, Girlfriend.


In an effort to get the ball rolling on Organizing and Styling your Home, Wardrobe, Kids and Schedule, I’ve narrowed it down to, you guessed it, 3 steps!

  1. Purge

  2. Sale

  3. Style

It’s that simple. And don’t you think it should be?


I am so excited to offer my personal Coaching Services, Webinars, and Blog Posts to help you get started implementing change in your home, with your kids, and in your daily schedule! It doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking to reclaim your space so you can focus on what brings you JOY! To learn more about these 3 Steps to Organize Your Life, using my 3 E’s Philosophy, keep reading each week and Contact Me for my services.

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