Kids or Not, Schedule Your Life!

May 2, 2016

It’s true! We all have stuff to do…some more than others. It doesn’t matter if you have zero kids or five kids. You have a very important LIFE to live to the fullest!


How many times have you heard, or maybe even said it yourself, I was going to get that done, but LIFE got in the way? Or maybe, I wanted to go to that event or party, but LIFE got in the way. Whether you said it or not, you know what it means. All of those things on your To Do List, and many things that never even made the list, seem to creep up just as we receive an invitation to a fun get-together, or impromptu Happy Hour with the girls, or last minute movie you’ve been dying to see before the Oscars! Ever happened to you?


I know when it happens to me…when I’ve failed to properly organize my schedule. I literally SCHEDULE FUN! Ever hear about the marriage counselor who suggests scheduling date night/sex with your husband? Well, it’s all about being prepared for EVERYTHING!

On my website, I talk about an Organized and Styled Life. I believe it starts with purging the clutter, and finding the proper places for everything. Next, you tackle the job of getting your schedule in check.


If you have “littles” running around, that means every task and errand takes twice as long. And speaking from blissful experience, if those littles are in their toddler stage, it easily takes three times as long to accomplish a seemingly simple item on that To Do List! Am I right?


So how is it done? How do you Organize and Style your Kids & Schedule? It’s different for everyone, of course, because not only do we have different lives with different ages of precious children, or maybe a job that has you working round the clock, but we all VALUE our To Do List differently. Some of us want to climb into bed early to read that provocative Bookclub book or have a Date Night. Others want to make it home in time to kiss our babies and read bedtime stories together. Maybe none of these make sense in your life. Instead, your priority is leaving one job to get to the next job that brings you JOY, but may not pay the bills. You know what you value most.

With this in mind, I have created the 3 E’s Philosophy that addresses our different needs. It provides you with some guidelines to structure every part of your Life, from Styling your Wardrobe to prepping Snacks & Lunches for the whole week in 15 Minutes! With the 3 E’s (Essentials, Enhancements & Extras) in place, you can instantly start to structure your new working, very successful schedule, placing value on the most important things on your list.


Remember the goal of Organizing and Styling your Home, Wardrobe, Kids & Schedule is to ultimately be able to get to the HEART of your important Life! With the 3 E’s as a guide and my personal services available to you whenever you need a helping hand, you will not have to miss out on the FUN at a moment’s notice! You’ll be prepared for it everyday. Thank goodness, because we can all use a Happy Hour, and an extra 20 minutes of snuggles at bedtime!


Now, contact me to see how you can start implementing awesome daily change in your schedule to make room for the GOOD STUFF!

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