August 8, 2016

So...I have a Yard Sale update. It went WELL! Did you try one after you purged that closet and other areas of your home? Not yet? It's okay, there's still time. Need a little more encouragement? How does $393 in 3 hours sound? Yes, I made well over $100 per hour, selling stuff I didn't want or need anymore and the best part is that someone else is now enjoying it all!


A man came by looking for a gift for his wife (my sale was the day before Valentine's Day) and he didn't think he had enough money to get her anything this year. As a jewelry stylist, I could NOT let that happen! So I brought out some of my samples that I wasn't using much anymore and asked if he thought any of it was his wife's style. He picked a few pieces out that looked like her, but said he couldn't afford them. I happily gave him all three for $5 each. I got so excited just thinking about her opening them up on Valentine's Day, that the money just didn't matter.

Then a lady came by who was going to the Philippines next week and wanted to take a bag to her Mom. Now, I know what a great bag can do for an outfit and the woman wearing it! So, for $10 she got a bag I had enjoyed for a couple of years that made me feel pulled together and stylish. Do you know how HAPPY she was to get this for her Mom?! What fun for me to see my bag head off to the Philippines to be useful and fabulous for a new awesome lady! 

While these were fun moments and certainly were bringing in some extra cash, I loved when my neighbors all started coming outside to join in the Yard Sale excitement the most. With my earlier sales that morning, I had space for them to add some of their sale items to my tables and tarps.


One lady bought three of my neighbor's beautiful platters and didn't have enough money to buy my silver vase she had her eye on from the beginning. I could tell she was really bummed to walk away without it, so I said, "Just take it!" With much convincing she finally thanked me and was on her way. That vase was a wedding present from 10 years ago from TARGET! I think I can part with it, knowing it will now hold her beautiful flowers on special occasions. That is what a YARD SALE is all about!


As the 11 o'clock hour rolled around that morning, ALL my neighbors said they can never do a Yard Sale because it is so time consuming and takes so much planning. I said, NO WAY, I pulled this together in two days with minimal planning and effort before Sale Day! I told them they don't have to purge EVERY room in their house, then spend hours putting price stickers on every item, and hope to get at least HALF of what they paid for it 15 years ago!


I told them I started pulling stuff out of my closet, pantry, kitchen, living room, kids' closets, and toy boxes, putting them in bags with handles and lining my hallway and behind my couch on a Wednesday. On Thursday, I made posterboard signs and hung them in busy spots, where people were bound to see them, and snapped pictures of the signs to post on social media. On Friday, I did NOTHING except post those pics on social media of my bags of goods, waiting for the sale, to create more interest. Saturday morning I carried the prepped stuff outside with my back pocket full of small bills and donut holes, for the shoppers, in hand. Three hours, $393, and lots of nice conversations later, it was done! 

Now, at that point I had a few choices of what to do with the leftovers. Because I still had several big ticket items that were baby gear, and I hadn't met the right buyer, I plan to hang onto them a bit longer to share with my friends who are pregnant. I will ultimately try to sell them again at my next Yard Sale or take them to a consignment store. The rest I'm donating! If it came out of my house because it wasn't getting used, it's time to pass it on to someone who can use it!


There were so many reasons this Yard Sale was a success. (It's not just about the money you make.) I decluttered my home, getting rid of things we weren't using. Those items became valuable and exciting again to new people, which is such a great feeling. Any additional leftovers were going to be donated, and who doesn't feel good about that? I had fun meeting new people and enjoyed some time visiting with our neighbors. And finally, there was the bonus of some extra cash in my pocket! (I had a couple of big ticket items at my last Yard Sale and made over $700, doing these EXACT same steps with only 3 days of work, including just 3 hours on Sale Day!) It doesn't have to be a big, stressful event.   


A successful Yard Sale can truly be pulled off in 3 days, start to finish, using those 3 steps: Purge, Prep, and Sale. See my previous post for more details about this simple process. Good luck on your next Yard Sale. Remember, don't cave to all the pressures of doing your sale Perfectly... just have FUN and do it with STYLE!

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