Time to Purge That Closet!

April 3, 2016

To some, the thought of purging the clothes you have spent good money on or acquired through a pregnancy or collected through the years in an effort to hang on to distant memories, is daunting! No wonder our closets could potentially put us at risk of being called a Stage 5 Hoarder!!

We may justify the amount of pieces because we are hanging on to them for the appropriate season, or maybe we think THAT style will come back (in 10 YEARS!). No matter the reason, we keep it all, and it's a huge task to give your closet an overhaul! 


I may be in the minority, but I love a good closet purge! Don't overthink it. Go grab some garbage bags and start pulling out everything you haven't touched in 2 years, even the things you are attached to for whatever reason. Go ahead...do it NOW, I'll wait.


Ok, you need 3 categories: Donate, Sell, Keep. (If this feels stressful to you, just remember the point is to DE-stress your life. Take a deep breath and start pulling things out.) Instead of telling you what to get rid of specifically, I'll suggest some things to keep.


Keep the BASICS! Here is my 3 E's Philosophy I use to Style My Wardrobe for the Year:


I think everyone should have these 10 ESSENTIALS: Little Black Dress (LBD), Dark Wash Jeans, White Collared Shirt, Dress Pants, Black Blazer, Maxi Dress, Basic T-shirt, Black Leggings, Workout Outfit, and a Wildcard (example: romper, jumpsuit, flared pant, nice shorts).


Then you need 5 ENHANCEMENTS: (These are items to build on your 10 ESSENTIALS that are "on trend" for the season/year.) Patterned Cardigan (like leopard print), a Clothing Piece with Sparkle (like a sequin tank), a Textured Jacket or Vest (like houndstooth or faux fur), an Above the Knee or Pencil Skirt, and a Pattered or Denim Collared Shirt. 


The third E I reference is reserved for your infinite EXTRAS. The EXTRAS include jewelry, scarves, belts, shoes, hats, bags, etc. These are items that complete your outfits. I am not going to put a number on how many of these things you may have in your wardrobe, because that would just be WRONG! As long as they are organized well, they tend to take up less space than clothing.


(Unless you are also a Stella & Dot Jewelry Stylist like I am. Yes, I have every type of delicate, statement and personalized jewelry a girl can have! I also have some beautiful scarves and fabulous bags, BUT I have a killer organizing system from the Container Store, and my collection brings me income... so Don't Judge!!)


If the items in your closet do not fall into any of the Essentials, Enhancements, or Extras it's time to say Goodbye! Trust me...you'll be glad you did! Your closet will be less cluttered with things you weren't using. Pass them on to someone else, who will be excited to rock them!


Now that your closet has been purged, grab those garbage bags you have filled with stuff to Donate and stuff to Sell. Read on to find out how I pull together a simple, but effective Yard Sale, earning some cash to put toward the missing E's in my closet!!

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