The Desires of Your Heart

April 19, 2016

I talk a lot about decluttering your space and really STYLING different parts of your life. I think when we eliminate all those unnecessary distractions at home, we can spend our valuable time doing things we love!


Are you so stressed out about laundry piling up in every bedroom, towels and makeup all over your bathroom, kids' toys scattered from the entryway to the patio? Is it all so overwhelming, the thought of going out to do something FUN and SATISFYING gets put on the backburner time and time again?


For me, staying organized at home allows me opportunities to do things like host parties and Bookclub. Having Structure at home gives me the freedom to attend fun events, sign up for a great Bible Study with friends to Feed my Soul, or take an Exercise Class to Strengthen my Body. (By the way, if you are looking for an amazing work out that INSPIRES, you must attend Laura Crago's Soul Cycle classes in Santa Monica and neighboring cities. Who knew I could get so much out of a cycling class?!?)

When I'm not worried about my house in utter disarray or an overloaded and unprioritized schedule, I can go enjoy dinner with my best girlfriends to fuel my brain, or have a much needed date night with my man to boost our relationship, or spend more quality time with my precious babies. How long do I get to call them "babies?"


My TIME is valuable and so is YOURS! When your home and car and work space are free of clutter, you can start to Style Your Heart! There's no noise and stress to cut your personal time with friends, family, and God short because you know you'll go home to chaos and mess. I encourage you to take those initial steps to quiet the noise and stress in all areas of your life, to be able to give yourself that PEACE and FREEDOM to Style Your Heart!


My hope for every Woman and Mom out there, is that you find the things that bring you JOY and do everything in your power to allow those joyful moments to last! I believe the way we preserve those moments is by taking ACTION every single day to open your hearts up to greater JOY and HOPE and LOVE that is waiting to be had in everything we do! Whether you are going out to paint the town RED, or you are home playing board games and making KIDS' LUNCHES, You have the POWER to Style Your Life in a way that works for You and your FAMILY!

Did you know that God WANTS us to have the DESIRES OF OUR HEART? Yes, Ma'am, He does! He tells us that in Psalm 37:4, Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the Desires of your Heart.


I'll tell you Ladies (and any AWESOME MEN who are listening), God wants us to live with a Joyful Heart (Proverbs 17:22). No matter what comes your way, the good, the bad, and super scary, when you delight yourself in the Lord, those desires you have are attainable! Of course they may not be gift wrapped and served on a silver platter for us, but God gives us what our HEART needs, when we need it. He's pretty awesome like that! I'd even say...that's His STYLE!   

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