Let’s Have a YARD SALE!

April 11, 2016

You know what's not stylish? A cluttered home! I've already talked about purging your closet to make room for the 3 E's in your wardrobe. Once you've done this, you may get the urge to purge even more from your home. If so...go for it!! Ride this train to Declutterville! Ok, that sounded catchier in my head.


I'll post some great ways to organize the rest of your home later, but for today, let's talk YARD SALES!! Here's something to keep in mind if you are going to do a Yard Sale. YOUR TIME IS VALUABLE! Who has the time to put individual colored stickers on every shirt, stuffed animal, pot and pan, and gift from your great aunt who just doesn't know your style (but she means well, bless her heart!)?!? I don't!! 


Here's how I attack Yard Sale PREP and SELLING. First, pick a Saturday morning (and be prepared for those EARLY BIRDS who are trying to catch the best deal). Consider having all the goods out by 8am at the latest! I'm telling you, if you do some good advertising, these bargain hunters will be picking through your piles while you are bringing it all outside!


Once you have set a date and time for the sale (preferably when your husband or sitter can watch the kids), post the date on social media, and grab some posterboards (cut into fourths) and thick markers. In BOLD letters, write YARD SALE! Under those words write the Date, Time (keep it to 3 hours! Remember your time is Valuable!), and location of the sale. Under this, in easy to read letters, write things like Name Brands, Nice Baby Gear, Furniture, Large & Small Appliances, Table Settings, Glassware, Crystal, Jewelry, Clothing, Shoes (whatever goods you'll have)!

Wouldn't those words on a sign catch your attention more, while sitting at a red light, than just Yard Sale? You immediately start thinking about your home and closet and what great deals you may be able to get at this Sale of the Year!!


Two days before your Sale, hang 5-10 of these signs in strategic spots, like busy intersections, nearby grocery stores, poles near gas stations (visible to those pumping gas and begging for something to look at to pass the time), etc.


After you have hung these signs, you KNOW you will have people showing up to shop on that morning, so it's time to pull out the stuff! Line your hallway or behind your couch with the goods. If you have a card table or two have it ready and some big blankets, towels, or tarps to throw out on your lawn. Each of these will act as the category displayed at your sale. Breakable items for tables, and the other stuff can go on the ground if you don't have enough room on other tables.

No need to individually sticker price your items. TOO TIME CONSUMING! You could be sitting with piles of stuff around you for hours! DON'T DO IT!!! Instead, simply throw all your goods into bags with handles for easy transport on the morning of your sale. Getting this thing set up FAST is your goal! Make sure the bags are separated into categories, like clothes, shoes, baby gear, kitchen stuff, and big ticket items. 


 Next, break out those posterboards and thick markers again. Create a simple sign for each category or pile. One may say Adult Clothing $5-$20 (or however much your range is...give them Yard Sale Prices, not department store prices!). Another may say Shoes $2-$8 (Your feet have been in these, so don't try to get a ton of money for them!) Another sign may say, Appliances (Make Me an Offer!).


If you have kiddos to watch during this Yard Sale, let them create a little Lemonade Stand sign and consider the price to be FREE! Adults will always tip the cute kids.


For your customers I like to grab a box of donut holes from the grocery the night before. It's an inexpensive gesture to welcome people to your sale. If they take one, they tend to make a purchase at your Sale!


Now, don't forget to turn off the SPRINKLERS for the morning!! (You're Welcome!) Your PREP is done and only took two days of thought, simple sign making, and purging. Not too bad!


The morning of the sale, wake up EARLY, take a few sips of coffee, throw on some mascara and lip gloss so you look presentable. QUICKLY get everything out that you set up the night before. Put on a smile, say a prayer, and remember to be GENEROUS with your prices! Throw in a freebie if they purchase a lot or knock off $5 when they get ready to pay.

When your sale is over, be grateful for whatever you got and DONATE the rest! You can get a tax write-off for your Donations and feel good about giving to those in need.


Now it's not even noon and your whole day is ahead of you. When cleanup is done, go admire your decluttered spaces and count up your earnings! Congratulations! That's how to Do a Yard Sale with Style!

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